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The Traditional Skateboard Reimagined

Skateboard serving tray with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

The skateboard redesigned as a functional serving platter.


Skateboard Veneer & Hardwood Cutting Board | Serving Board

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Upcycled Skateboard Veneer cutting and serving board.  Crafted using a solid piece of maple, cherry, or walnut hardwood.  Natural grain flow is merged with colorful layers of skateboard veneer.

So unique and fun! We received our board quickly and love it! The board is very well made, a beautiful color, and has a great design for stable, elevated ramekins for an appealing display. To add a bit of whimsy and fun to a happy hour or dinner, as well as contribute to a great cause, this purchase was an easy one!

Maggie L.

Our smörgåsBOARD arrived nicely packaged and in great condition. It looks like how we expected it, clean lines, durable and really functional with the included bowls and dishes. Now just waiting for more cool products from this company. Skål!

Scatt C.

We use our board ALL the time. I thought it would be for special occasions, but we pull it out for lunch, after school snacks, and dinner too. The option to elevate plates, add dipping bowls, and explore plenty of serving surface make it the perfect one stop shop. We’ve done apps, full meals, snacks and breakfast. It does it all.

Hayes T.